Serbian Brewing Association

The Serbian Brewing Association consists of three leading breweries in Serbia: Apatin Brewery, Carlsberg Serbia and Heineken Serbia and the largest malt producer – Sladara Soufflet, which together do everything to create a sustainable climate for growth and development of the brewing industry, and the full potential of the market, which also contributes to the well-being of the Serbian economy, environment, society and the brewing business community itself.
Although founded in 2015, the Association has been following its continuity since 1958.

We unite the largest breweries and malt producer in Serbia in one voice of brewery for the promotion of beer and the benefit of the brewery industry and society!

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Mission and goals

  • Ensure an efficient, harmonized and positive legal climate, without discriminatory regulations for the beer industry.
  • To the greatest extent possible, provide stability and predictability of economic trends of interest to the beer industry (excise, taxes, water taxes, packaging, alcohol percentage, deposit, packaging).
  • It improves the business development of the beer industry in Serbia.
  • Represents and promotes the common opinions of its Members in order to promote common interests.
  • It promotes communication, cooperation and permanent dialogue between the Association and state authorities of Serbia.
  • It promotes the improvement and updating of the legal regulations of Serbia and prepare the position of its Members on the draft laws.
  • It cooperates and maintains a good relationship with the state administration in order to overcome difficulties and obstacles that may exist in relations with Members or the Association and in economic relations with other countries.
  • Submits the necessary administrative, legal and other proposals related to improving the functioning of the beer industry.
  • It informs its Members and other interested parties as much as possible about the legal regulations in Serbia.
  • It communicates with other brewery organizations around the region and the world to: a) benefit from joint practical exchanges and b) examine specific methods for improving regional business; and
  • Performs other duties relevant to the Members of the Association and to the Association as a whole.“
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The structure of the bodies of the association

Organization Diagram

Members of the
board of directors

Nikos Zois

Igor Vukašinović

Apatinska pivara
President of the Board of Directors

Nikos Zois

Neda Đokić

Heineken Srbija

Nikos Zois

Vladimir Vava

Carlsberg Srbija

Nikos Zois

Borislav Aralica

Sladara Soufflet

Nikos Zois

Andreja Pavlović

Executive manager of the SBA

Nikos Zois

Miloš Bukvić

Secretary of the SBA